Video production

Our award-winning filmmakers produce a wide variety of video, from basic product introductions to behind-the-scenes documentaries and senior-executive interviews. But all with one ambition, to be best in class. And all based on our ‘listen and respond’ protocol.

Being the best

For us it’s not about working to a budget or a timeframe. It’s about making the best piece of filmed content we possibly can. Often to the detriment of our health and sanity, but always to the benefit of our clients. The briefs we work to are both challenging and exciting, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

No shortcuts, no easy ways out, no soft options.

Over the last three years our videos have been viewed over 20 million times, with an average of 145k views per film.

You control your budget

We don’t bill by the hour. We set fixed prices for work and stick to them. We allow for changes in scope and adapt as our client’s needs change. Barring any complete disasters, natural or otherwise, you can rest assured the price you pay is what you’ve agreed up front. Of course if you want to pick up the pizza tab at the end of the shoot, racked up during our long nights spent honing and crafting your piece, we’d certainly appreciate the gesture.

Exciting news! We’ve gone global. We’re now part of the Text100 family. Check out all the things that we can get up to now we have more friends.